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Here you can meet our players!!

Paul Bona – A Solid player at the back. Not many forwards get past Paul. Retiring next season, he feels that younger player’s should come in and follow in his footsteps.


Neil Bona – Also a solid player in the heart of defence, He should play really well if we found another strong centre half. He should retire after this season, but probably stay on for one more season.


Richard Doody – One of our young players, he has great pace and a lot of strength. He should have a good season, as some of our more experienced players will give him some encouragement.


Mark Cund – A Solid player in the heart of the midfield, always going in for challenges and never pulls out of any of them. He controls the team very well, and never drops his head when we are losing.


Robert Bona – Another solid player in midfield, he enjoys going in for challenges. He also never drops his head when we are losing and has a short temperament on the field.


Paul Bona j.r – One of our younger players, his work rate is never to be questioned, 110% every game, can play in a number of position’s, probably best as a right back, because of strength, solid player, also likes and probably prefers to play up front and grab a few goals.


Gavin Bood –  A great player on the right wing, never stops trying. He has great skill, he always puts in 100% effort in every performance, his crossing is pin point every time he swings one in.


Wayne Bood – Has a lot of skill great pace, deadly upfront always grantee to score goals in every match. Finished Top goal scorer for the club in the last three season’s


Shane Sinclair – Another one of our young players. He has a great work rate never stops in matches. He sometimes looks to have a crack on goal, and most of then are on target. He also has some skill and probably needs some more encouragement to progress in his career.


Mark Collins – Played really well in defence lasts season. He played in a few positions as well and played well in all. He has good skill and does his job in defence.


Darren Whitehouse – A very good player he his strong and has a lot of skill. Another Asset in our midfield, and ever match he puts 100% effort.


Craig Whitehouse – A good player, a good and solid defender. Always looking to help the team in many ways.


Adam Thompson – Another young player, always looking to improve from his last performance. Has abit of skill and reasonable amount of pace to out run the defence



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