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General Information

General Information
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General information

ECC Athletic is a local team which is based within the Wolverhampton area, The ECC has been running since the turn of the millennium. Before that we was commonly known as Bushbury Dynamo, but changed our name because our form Lacked under the name of Bushbury. we have been competiting in the Beacon League Since we was formed in 1998. Our Sponsor at the minute is The ECC Club and has been since 1998.
Sponsors Address: Showell Road
                             West Midlands,
                             WV10 9LU.
                             01902 424455.
Our Home Pitch is currnetly situated in the Wolverhampton area, it is called Fowlers Park.
1st Strip:
Shirt: ?
Shorts: ?
Socks: ?
2nd Strip:
Shirt: White with blue arms
Shorts: Blue
Socks: Blue
3rd Strip:
Shirt: Red and Black
Shorts: Black
Socks: Red

Ecc Atheltic - The Beacon Football League - Instaprint Division Two